Monday, August 4, 2008


Here is a list of the 10 largest cities in Denmark without a branch or missionaries along with the number of inhabitants. Cities with asterisk indicate cities which used to have a congregation of the Church, but does not anymore. These cities often times have missionaries visit them and sometimes have missionaries assigned to them.
  1. Kolding - 55,400
  2. Vejle - 50,000
  3. Næstved - 41,500
  4. Køge - 34,700
  5. Helsingør* - 34,300
  6. Holstebro - 33,500
  7. Holbæk - 26,000
  8. Hjørring - 24,700
  9. Haderslev - 21,200
  10. Skive - 20,600


keith said...

There is a congregation in Skive. Se the following link with photo of church

keith said...

The Odense 2. ward in working on establishing meetings in the city of Svendborg. They have meetings once a month and have assigned primary and young girls leaders. There has been 7 baptisms in Svendborg this last year.

Matt said...

Wonderful news! We typically don't see any additional cities opening for missionary work/getting groups organized in this area of the world.