Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here is a list of the 10 largest cities in Germany without a branch or missionaries along with the number of inhabitants. Cities with an asterisk indicate cities which used to have a congregation of the Church, but do not anymore. These cities often times have missionaries visit them and sometimes have missionaries assigned to them. On the above map, yellow and green squares symbolize stakes and districts.
  1. Wolfsburg* - 120,500
  2. Salzgitter - 106,700
  3. Bergisch Gladbach - 105,600
  4. Trier* - 103,500
  5. Witten - 100,200
  6. Iserlohn - 96,600
  7. Marl - 90,100
  8. Lünen - 89,500
  9. Velbert - 86,800
  10. Marburg* - 79,400

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Tim said...

I served in Trier. At the time (1999) it had a small branch and six missionaries.
I served in the same district as the Marburg branch in 2001. Obviously it has also closed down since then; the members now attend church in a much smaller city.
I'm curious how many of these cities have recently had missionaries in them, and how many are near smaller towns that have a meetinghouse or missionaries.