Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is a list of the nine largest cities in Paraguay without a branch or missionaries along with the number of inhabitants. On the map above, yellow and green squares symbolize stakes and districts.

  1. Dr. J. Eulogio Estigarribia - 9,900
  2. San Juan Bautista - 9,800
  3. Tobatí - 9,800
  4. San Isidro de Curuguaty - 9,500
  5. Caazapá - 6,000
  6. Pozo Colorado - 1,700


Rodrigo said...

Hi Matt!!!

Great Blog!!

I just wanted to help a little bit.
There is a branch in San Estanislao called the Santani branch, which is the nickname of that city, and belongs to the Coronel Oviedo District.
There might also still exist the branch in Coronel Bogado which might be called just Bogado, but I can't confirm that yet.

Matt said...

Thanks Rodrigo. I have taken San Estanislao off the list. I appreciate the feedback.

Craig Marshall said...

When I was in the Paraguay Asuncion mission 2003-2005, there was a branch in Coronel Bogado. However, it really struggled and may have closed. It was in the Encarnacion District.

Matt said...

San Pedro (7,900) was opened for missionary work around the first of this year with one missionary companionship.

Matt said...

Coronel Bogado - 9,400 and Filadelfia - 7,100 each now have branches.