Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Here is a list of the 10 largest cities in Oman without a branch or missionaries along with the number of inhabitants. One group or branch exists near the capital.
  1. As-Sīb - 250,100
  2. Matrah - 179,900
  3. Bawshar - 174,000
  4. Salālah - 171,000
  5. Suhār - 133,600
  6. As-Suwayq - 109,100
  7. 'Ibrī - 106,000
  8. Saham - 91,200
  9. Barka' - 82,200
  10. Ar-Rustāq - 79,300


Anonymous said...

Matt while I appreciate your post is about LDS - many people might assume it includes other Christians. Do you have any information about the number of LDS Church members in Oman ? The overwhelming majority of Christians in Oman ( I imagine 99%+ ) are not LDS are therefore only require their own Church . This blog shows http://blog.omanholiday.co.uk/blog/_archives/2008/5/24/3709374.html Christians from South India worshipping God . The Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf shows in their web site http://www.jmeca.org.uk/biblelands_pentecost2006/biblelands_cyprus_oman.html that there are a number of their Churches in Oman . I believe that LDS members do have a congregation in Muscat (which includes Sib, Matrah and Bawshar)

Matt said...

The lists I do compile are by no means absolute... The Church does not publish which Middle Eastern countries have LDS Church members or congregations with the exception of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE. Most of my information comes from LDS member blogs from the Middle East or www.cumorah.com. I do know that there is a stake for the Arabian Pennisula (with four wards and eight branches), and I would not be surprised if a congregation was in Muscat. I will remove Muscat from the top 10 cities list once I can confirm the possible congregation in that city.

I will try to make it clear that I am only taking about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in these posts and blog. There are Christians of other denominations in practically every country of the world.

Thanks for your comment.