Monday, August 18, 2008


Here is a list of the largest cities in China with over one million inhabitants without a branch or missionaries. No proselyting occurs in China and only foreigners meet in branches for worship services.
  1. Wuhan - 6,787,500
  2. Chongqing - 5,087,200
  3. Shenyang - 4,956,800
  4. Chengdu - 4,273,200
  5. Foshan - 4,006,700
  6. Dongguan - 3,870,000
  7. Harbin - 3,627,100
  8. Hangzhou - 3,240,900
  9. Shantou - 3,070,400
  10. Dalian - 2,872,000
  11. Jinan - 2,795,100
  12. Changchun - 2,750,200
  13. Kunming - 2,547,300
  14. Taiyuan - 2,538,300
  15. Zhengzhou - 2,501,000
  16. Changsha - 2,122,900
  17. Fuzhou - 2,032,700
  18. Shijiazhuang - 1,935,600
  19. Zibo - 1,929,400
  20. Lanzhou - 1,914,200
  21. Guiyang - 1,894,300
  22. Wuxi - 1,872,900
  23. Urumqi - 1,727,700
  24. Ningbo - 1,696,800
  25. Nanchang - 1,680,800
  26. Nanning - 1,667,200
  27. Tangshan - 1,660,100
  28. Wenzhou - 1,583,400
  29. Hefei - 1,549,500
  30. Changzhou - 1,513,200
  31. Xiamen - 1,454,500
  32. Jilin - 1,448,400
  33. Zhongshan - 1,434,300
  34. Baotou - 1,420,000
  35. Xuzhou - 1,392,700
  36. Anshan - 1,289,700
  37. Fushun - 1,359,900
  38. Qiqihar - 1,338,600
  39. Weifang - 1,263,000
  40. Yantai - 1,261,500
  41. Luoyang - 1,223,800
  42. Xiangfan - 1,204,000
  43. Taizhou - 1,200,800
  44. Linyi - 1,186,200
  45. Daqing - 1,094,900
  46. Huainan - 1,062,400
  47. Huizhou - 1,057,700
  48. Zhuhai - 1,056,200
  49. Datong - 1,053,600
  50. Liuzhou - 1,043,500
  51. Haikou - 1,028,700
  52. Hohhot - 1,020,200


Mark said...

of note is that chinese can also attend meetings, not just foreigners. the rule is that they cannot intermingle with foreigners though. that is why beijing 3rd branch is actually all chinese, no foreigners allowed. there is still no proselyting in china, but many become members from their time living abroad then return home.

of course this is hard for chinese to accomplish, in the sense that many of the 30+ towns that have meeting groups likely do not have a separate arrangement that enables them to attend. but in some cities it is possible and happens.

Matt said...

Thanks mark for the info. I did not know that Chinese could attend meetings when separate from foreigners.

Barker said...

I live in Qingdao. We have an awesome international branch here. About 40 members of which half are Korean, half are foreign teachers at universities here that cooperate with BYU.
We also have a Chinese sub-branch, which, as foreigners we are not allowed to go to. In fact, only a few of the members know where it is.
We do have two Chinese sisters come to our branch. But their husbands are foreigners who joined the church overseas, so they are allowed to attend. One of these two sisters was baptized here last year. The other is still investigating.

Barker said...

Oh, and some other cities might have a group of members that meet together. For instance, Jinan and has a group of BYU teachers too. Linyi used to have a group of about 8 YSA. But as far I know, they've all returned to the USA. Zibo has one member, who goes to Jinan for meetings. Weifang used to have a couple who used to stay the weekend at my place here in Qingdao so they could go to church, but they've recently returned to America.

andrew said...

Another thing I would like to add on to what Mark said is that the Guangzhou international branch is referred to as being the Guangzhou 1st branch.

D/E G said...

I attended church in Chengdu at the US consulate in 2004 and again in 2007. There were ~20-25 people there both times, mainly foreigners.

marjorie suaybaguio said...

Hi, My son is going to Jimei University was granted a 2-month scholarship study tour to Xiamen this summer but he's worried that he might not be able to attend church services during his stay there. I understand there's neither ward nor branch in Xiamen, but does anyone know if there is at least a group of LDS members who meet regularly for sunday service?

Maverick said...

Hi Marjorie,

I don't have an answer about Xiamen, but the small groups are usually organized under the Districts (in China it's Shanghai and Beijing both that have districts, if I remember correctly). So it would be useful to maybe find someone in one of those branches who can connect you with church leadership for the districts and they would know if there is a group meeting in Xiamen. Shanghai is likely the one for that area.

marjorie suaybaguio said...

Thank you maverick for the help. I found some meetinghouse locations in Beijing from the along with the contact persons' email add. I just hope they know of a group or a district in xiamen who meets regularly so my son would not have to decline the scholarship offer. We just can't let him miss church. Thank you again for the help

Maverick said...

Good luck. I'm Mark from the first comment, but with a different signature, and if nothing works out post back here and I'll see if I have any old email addresses also. The district president or leadership should definitely know if there is a group, or can tell your son what options are available.

marjorie suaybaguio said...

Hi Mark! I thought I saw the email add of the contact persons in the but I was mistaken. Only the names of the bishops/branch presidents are there. I have also written the said site to ask for an address or contact person in Xiamen but I haven't received any feedback yet. I have not made any progress in my search so far. If you can give me the old e-mail addresses of branch presidents you know, it would be a great help. Sorry if I am being a bother but we are from the Philippines and we just don't know who or where to go to obtain the information we need. Any information you or anyone can give will be highly appreciated.

Maverick said...

walang problema sister. missionary ako noon sa inyo, inisip ko pinoy po kayo. :)

i'm asking around. i'll see what i can find for contact info or news and post back here.

marjorie suaybaguio said...

Ay! marunong mag Tagalog! Nakakatuwa!

Maraming maraming salamat po, brother.
Mabuti na lang po at nabasa mo ang post ko. Sagot ka sa panalangin namin :)

I too, have been trying to find what I can through browsing the net and messaging LDS websites that might have anything about the church in Xiamen.

I have found a FAQ portion last night from site where my email will be directed to a branch president in Beijing. I have already sent an e-mail to the said add but is still waiting for the reply.

Muli, maraming salamat sa tulong nyo. Maghihintay kami ng anumang maibibigay nyo na impormasyon tungkol sa Xiamen.