Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brazil - Parana

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Here is a list of the 22 cities in the state of Parana (Brazil) with over 20,000 inhabitants without a branch or missionaries.

Umuarama: 86,800
Paranavaí: 73,400
Telêmaco Borba: 62,700
Rolândia: 48,300
Palmas: 36,500
Marechal Cândido Rondon: 34,000
Santo Antônio da Platina: 33,100
Mandaguari: 28,700
Bandeirantes: 26,500
Campina Grande do Sul: 26,500
Jaguariaíva: 26,500
Assis Chateaubriand: 26,200
Ivaiporã: 25,100
Goioerê: 23,900
Laranjeiras do Sul: 23,900
Dois Vizinhos: 23,800
Marialva: 23,100
Nova Esperança: 21,800
Quedas do Iguaçu: 21,700
Rio Branco do Sul: 21,500
Cambará: 21,100
Astorga: 21,000
Ibaiti: 20,900


brycen said...

Assis Chateubriand had 2 missionaries serving there in 1996 when I was in Cascavel (they were part of our zone and the Cascavel district), but evidently they didn't have much success because there was no branch included in the Cascavel stake the next year, and apparently still no branch.
I know they had no building and hardly any members, and those elders had frequent telephone reports to the mission president, at least once a week.

Bryce Nielsen
Brazil Curitiba Mission 1995-1997

Matt said...

Thanks for the information. I think that there were several more cities in southern Brazil which used to have a Church presence but don't anymore. With the recent mission boundary re-alignment in the Curitiba, Londrina, Cuiaba, and Manaus Missions we will likely see more cities open around the Curitiba area in the near future according to missionaries in the area.

mineiro said...

The city of Colombo,the state of Paraná,has 3 wards with members and missionaries,who are Guaraituba Ward, Ana Terra Ward,and Rio Verde Ward.

mineiro said...

The city of Campina Grande do Sul,the state of Parana,has 1 branch with members and missionaries,called Timbú.



Matt said...

Colombo: 223,200 and Francisco Beltrão: 59,100 both have branches and have been removed from the list.

amiranda said...

Campina Grande do Sul now has 01 ward and 01 branch

John Pack Lambert said...

With the split of the Curitiba Mission this year hopefully missionaries will be able to began work in some of these unreached cities.

Felipe Rocha said...

São Miguel do Iguaçu is another city over 20.000 without Church presence.