Saturday, May 30, 2009

Brazil - Alagoas

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Here is a list of the eight cities in the state of Alagoas (Brazil) with over 20,000 inhabitants without a branch or missionaries.

União dos Palmares: 39,200
Marechal Deodoro: 37,600
Delmiro Gouveia: 36,400
Teotônio Vilela: 32,600
Pilar: 28,600
Santana do Ipanema: 24,400
Coruripe: 23,100
Atalaia: 22,300

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fcosta said...

The Maceio Mission began a small group in rented house in Marechal Deodoro about eight years ago, but when the new mission president arrived he decided to stop the meetings in the city and the recent converts needed to go to Maceio to attend the sacrament meetings. In a recent visit to Uniao dos Palmares I discovered that the church had a group there too, but the same president that closed Marechal Deodoro did the same in União dos Palmares. I know there are members in both cities. I know two families from Marechal Deodoro who go to Maceio each sunday to attend the meetings.